Toddler Attacked By as Many as Four Dogs Near Fort Worth

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 31-Jan-2012

Four dogs involved in the attack of a Fort Worth toddler will be put down, city officials said Tuesday morning.

According to reports, the 18-month-old boy escaped from the house and into the fenced yard where the dogs were, though a pet door Monday afternoon.

Officials said a neighbor called 911 when she heard a woman screaming from the home on Eastland Ave. The parents of the boy were sleeping at the time the Texas dog bite injuries occurred.

The dogs that attacked the young boy were identified at Boxer breeds.

An altercation occurred as a result of the accident, causing the boy’s grandmother to be arrested and charged with assault.

Property owners are often responsibility under premises liability laws, to protect visitors, guests and bystanders from injuries occurring on their property. Whether providing safety from animals, that are known to be potentially dangerous, to maintaining proper upkeep of property, property owners are sometimes liable for accidents that occur on their property as a result of poor upkeep or negligence. Dog bites and animals attacks are just one aspect of premises liability, highlighting the importance of taking care to protect others from dangerous dogs and other pets that could potentially cause harm, injury and even death.

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