Toy Safety Tips For Holiday Shoppers: Are Your Kids Safe?

For many of us, the holiday season is synonymous with stress, and the anxiety of battling last-minute crowds at the mall, trying to find the perfect gift for every last person on your list.

But not you-you’re a holiday planning superstar. Your halls are decked, your stockings hung, and all of your gifts follow the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recommendations for safe toys and gifts.

Wait…product safety recommendations?

Have you ever stopped to consider the very serious risks involved in giving unsafe holiday toys? Each year more than 250,000 children are treated at hospitals for toy-related injuries.

Although the consequences are severe, prevention is as simple as following a few safety guidelines when shopping for the perfect holiday gift.

Before you purchase a toy:

Read all warnings and instructions on the box.

Ask yourself if the toy is right for your child’s ability and age.

Avoid purchasing toys with sharp or rigid points, spikes, rods, or dangerous edges.

Buy toys that will withstand impact and not break into dangerous shards.

Avoid toys that shoot or include parts that fly off.

Before letting children play with toys:

Inspect toys for safe, sturdy construction.

Explain how to use the toy.

Fix or throw away broken toys.


Keep young children away from toys meant for older children.

Supervise your children while playing.

Store toys appropriately after play to avoid risks or falls.

Supervise children’s craft projects (scissors and glue can be extremely dangerous to a child’s eyesight).

Have children wear the right eye protection for sports (face shields, helmets, eye guards).

You should always consider your child’s age when purchasing a toy or game. It’s worth a second to read the instructions and warning labels to make sure it’s just right for your child.

Toy Safety For Children Under 3

Avoid buying toys intended for older children that may have small parts that pose a choking danger, as children under 3 tend to put everything in their mouths.

No child should ever play with deflated balloons because they pose a very serious choking hazard.

Avoid marbles, balls, and games with balls that have a diameter of 1.75 inches or less. These products also pose a choking hazard to young children.

Children at this age pull, prod and twist toys. Look for toys that are well-made with tightly secured eyes, noses, and other parts.

Avoid toys that have sharp edges and points.

Toy Safety For Children Ages 3 to 5

Avoid toys constructed with thin, brittle plastic that might easily break into small pieces or leave jagged edges.

Look for household art materials, including crayons and paint sets, marked with the designation “ASTM D-4236.” This label means the product was reviewed for chronic health hazards and, if necessary, the product was labeled with cautionary information.

Teach older children to keep their toys away from their younger brothers and sisters.

Toy Safety For Children Ages 6 to 12

If buying a toy gun, be sure the barrel, or the entire gun, is brightly colored so that it’s not mistaken for a real gun.

If you buy a bicycle for any age child, buy a helmet, too, and make sure the child wears it.

Teach all children to put toys away when they’re finished playing so they don’t trip over them or fall on them

Toy Safety Product Liability Lawsuits

When parents purchase toys for their children, they trust that the products have been rigorously tested to meet safety standards. The reality is, this is not always the case, and that is when a Product Liability attorney comes in. The companies that manufacture these defective and dangerous toys need to be held to the highest standard of quality and safety because if they aren’t, it is our children who suffer the most. When manufacturers do not adhere to regulations set in place, and children are hurt, parents may file a product liability lawsuit.

A successful product liability attorney will build a case that not only compensates injured victims but also serves as a balance that requires the manufacturer of the defective product to fully realize the costs that their defective product has placed on society.

How The Toy Safety Attorneys At Carlson Law Firm Can Help

Our team of dedicated and experienced product liability attorneys knows what it takes to prosecute a product liability claim. We will take on the time-consuming task of researching all components leading to the injury. The child injury and product liability attorneys at The Carlson Law Firm will go the extra mile to uncover the causes of your child’s injuries and seek every bit of the compensation to which you and your family are entitled to your child’s injury or death.

Contact our firm immediately to discuss your potential legal options. We care. We can help.


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