Toyota Issues Another Recall of More Than 6 Million Defective Vehicles

Amidst the recalls plaguing GM, Toyota announced five additional auto recalls including more than 6.39 million vehicles and more than 27 models.

Some of the vehicles in the Toyota recall include:

The recall include vehicles as old as 2004 and includes a multitude of parts and equipment, including; engine starters, windshield wiper motors, steering column brackets and air bag cables among other pieces.

As many as two million of the vehicles included in the recall are in North America, Toyota said.

Toyota had recently recalled over 2 million Toyota Prius vehicles in February. The latest recall continues to draw attention to the safety and transparency of the auto industry.

The GM recall and latest problems associated with Toyota vehicles has caused a stir among safety advocates regarding the promptness of recalls and how soon automakers may be aware of problems and potential dangers before they actually announce recalls and associated action in order to fix auto defects.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has begun to investigate the reaction and the time involved in taking action to fix vehicle defects that could pose potential threats, resulting in accidents, injuries and death.

As consumers, we expect the products we purchase to keep us safe, protect us even, during the instance of an accident. While some products fail to protect us during the instance of an auto accident, other defects actually promote and cause such accidents.

At The Carlson Law Firm, our team of attorneys are well-versed with the most recent recalls and the defects associated with those auto recalls. With private investigators right on staff, experienced with scene reconstruction and the details associated with equipment flaws and failures, our investigators are often able to provide our attorneys and clients with valuable information that helps tell the story accompanying an accident or the fatal auto accident of a loved one.

Reaching out for help immediately is one of the best ways to gain representation and help before details become foggy and evidence is more difficult to compile. For a free initial consultation regarding a potential auto recall lawsuit, call our vehicle recall attorneys in Texas, serving clients statewide and across the nation. We care. We can help.


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