Toyota recalls 1.4 million vehicles

Toyota Recall

On Wednesday Toyota recalled 1.43 million Prius and Lexus models equipped with airbags made by the large Swedish-American manufacturer, Autoliv.

There have been seven incidents where Autoliv side-curtain airbags have deployed spontaneously in parked cars in hot weather, sending pieces of metal from the airbag’s inflator into the car’s cabin.

While the root cause of the airbag defect is under investigation, it is likely due to a welding problem in metal tubing made by an Autoliv subcontractor that was causing a crack in the inflator. When put in hot conditions, the gas could become overpressurized and cause the inflator to break in two.

So far there have been no known deaths or injuries from the defect in the Autoliv airbags. The Toyota recall is not related to the recent airbag recall by manufacturer Takata.

What cars are affected?

The cars being recalled by Toyota were produced between October 2008 and April 2012.

The models include:

The recall encompasses 743,000 vehicles from Japan, 141,000 from Europe and 495,000 from North America.

How the Carlson Law Firm can help

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