Tragic Fredricksburg, Texas House Fire Claims Lives of Two Teens

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 31-Jan-2012

Two teens were killed in a house fire in Fredricksburg, Texas, though their father was injured trying to save them from the blaze, emergency crews said.

Officials identified the teens as 14-year-old Brian Cantu and 15-year-old Justine Cantu. The teens were trapped in the fiery home and emergency crews were unable to rescue them in time. Their father, who suffered injuries as a result of the Texas house fire, was identified as Armando Cantu.

Armand Cantu was transported to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio with serious burns covering almost 40 percent of his body.

Other family members were able to escape without enduring injury.

The cause of the house fire in Fredricksburg is still being investigated at officials struggle to reveal the source of the blaze.

In 2007, a life was lost as a result of a fire accident every 2 ½ hours, highlighting the dangers associated and the risks accompanying. Every 30 minutes, someone was injured in a fire accident.

Bad appliances, faulty maintenance and defective products can often be traced as the cause of a house fire. Recovering from a fire accident can often be aided by the discovery of what may have caused such an accident and understanding how it could have been prevented in an effort to protect others in the future.

The instance of a fire, whether a house fire, workplace explosion or wildfire, can be devastating to families, people, businesses and employees alike. Judging the damages incurred and making a plan to pick up the pieces of your life after enduring a fire may be the last thing on your mind as you struggle with injuries, loss and even death of loved ones.

Fire injuries can be painful, leaving long term scars as reminders of all that has been lost among damaging flames. Enduring homelessness, injuries, loss and displacement can become even more difficult in the wake of interaction with insurance companies, looking out for their own bottom line.

The caring attorneys at The Carlson Law Firm will advocate for you as you struggle to put your life back together and recover from the devastation of a house fire.

If you or someone you love has been seriously injured or killed in a house fire cause by poor maintenance or bad appliances or products, call our house fire injury attorneys in Austin, San Antonio, Killeen and statewide Texas at 254-633-2983, contact our fire accident lawyers online or visit one of the 11 office locations for our product liability law firm in Texas for a free consultation today.

Our experienced personal injury lawyers, professional medical consultants, private investigators and caring staff will work closely with you to uncover some of the questions associated with your house fire or the fire accident of a loved one while seeking just compensation for your injuries and loss. We care. We can help.


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