Train Accident in Limestone County Injures Two Workers

A train accident involving two locomotives on Sunday evening sent two Union Pacific workers to the hospital with injuries, officials said.

Both men were transported to Limestone County hospital via ground ambulance for the treatment of injuries they endured in the Texas train accident.

One of the trains involved in the railroad accident derailed from the tracks, sparking the accident and damaging the tracks in the process.

Diesel fuel was spilled as a result of the accident. The tracks were closed until 5 a.m. Monday morning while crews cleaned spilled fuel and repaired the damaged train track.

The names of the two injured workers have not yet been released and police are still investigating the scene of the train accident in Limestone County.

Train accidents can be extremely complex, with a number of factors weighing on whether or not workers and victims have a claim. Crossings and their operation as well as where the accident occurs can all play an important role in whether or not involved parties can be held legally responsible for the injuries, death and damages resulting.

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