Truck Accident on Highway 6 Near Hearne Kills Three

An Bryan 18 wheeler accident outside of Hearne left at least three people dead Thursday and caused officials to close north and south bound lanes.

Police identified the driver of the Toyota as 75-year-old James Darwyn Jones, of Bryan. Passengers in the pickup truck, 28-year-old Kenneth Michael Pecina, of Franklin, and his son, 5-year-old Trey Michael Pecina, were also pronounced dead at the scene of the truck accident. Mary Nikole Hamilton, 24, of Fort Stockton was also an occupant in the pickup truck.

The driver of the big rig was identified as 44-year-old Armando Sanchez-Pulido, of Bryan. He was transported to the hospital for the treatment of his injuries and leater released.

Police are still investigating the Bryan 18 wheeler accident that killed the three people and injured two others.

Texas Department of Transportation officials said the accident took place near the weight station on Old Bryan Highway.

Department of Public Safety officials said the accident may have been caused when the pickup truck hyrdoplaned. While three people in the pickup have been confirmed dead, a fourth was transported to the St. Joseph Hospital in Bryan with injuries resulting from the truck accident. The driver of the big rig was also transported, after experiencing minor injuries.

Trucks on the roads and interstates across the nation, present unique challnges for both truck drivers and companies as well as the drivers and passengers of smaller vehicles sharing the roads. Trucking companies have an important responsibility to adeqautely train and prepare drivers for the obstacles and situations they face while driving. Poor truck driver training can include failure to inform and educate drivers regarding methods of driving in a defensive manner as well as preparing them for some of the safety concerns that arise for those spending so many hours and days driving.

In addition, trucking companies who place unrealistic and unsafe expectations on truck drivers regarding the number of hours or periods of rest they endure can often be help responsible for accidents caused by negligence, drowsy driving and even poorly loaded trucks. By ensuring that truck drivers receive the information and skills needed to sfaely operate such a large and potentially dangerous vehicle, companies can help protect their drivers and the other vehicle occupants sharing highways and interstates.

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