Truck Accident on I-20 Sparks Subsequent Martin County Pileup

A pileup truck accident on I-20 left multiple people injured in two separate accidents involving as many as 15 vehicles and at least two trucks in the Texas 18 wheeler accident.

One of the 18 wheeler trucks involved in the multi-vehicle pileup accident was hauling methane at the time of the collision, provoking officials to close the interstate while flying injured victims out of the region and cleaning the spill.

The initial Texas 18 wheeler accident in Martin County, involved the big rig and as many as 5 passenger vehicles. The first auto collision resulted in an SUV involved to be dragged by the 18 wheeler truck for almost half a mile. A woman who was occupying that SUV was transported to Medical Center Hospital via helicopter and was recently listed in critical condition.

A subsequent accident occurred mere feet from the initial car accident on I-20 as emergency personnel continued cleaning up the first crash. As a result of the second car accident on I-20, as many as four different people were transported to area hospitals via ground ambulance. Police are still investigating what may have caused the secondary accident.

As crews continued cleaning the scene of the 18 wheeler truck accident on I-20, a third accident occurred on a nearby service road. Police believe that third truck accident occurred when a passenger vehicle slammed into the back of an 18 wheeler as traffic had increased surrounding the first two car wrecks. A woman involved in the third accident was also transported to Medical Center Hospital via helicopter.

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Pileups can be extremely dangerous, setting off a chain of collisions as drivers and onlookers congest regions and struggle to look at a nearby collision, which can affect their own attention and ability to react to traffic in their own lanes. In addition, it can be difficult for truck drivers to stop quickly. Proper training for truck drivers is a valuable commodity that is vital for helping driver properly prepare for situations where they need to stop frequently or as quickly as possible.

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