Truck Accidents Involving Pickups & 18 Wheeler Send 7 to Hospital

An 18 wheeler truck accident on Hwy 385, involving two passenger vehicles, sent several occupants to the hospital with injuries resulting from the collision, officials said.

Seven people were transported to area hospitals after one of the vehicles ran a red light. The 18 wheeler truck smashed into the initial collision. One of the vehicles erupted in flames, witnesses said.

The accident involved a red pickup truck, a white pickup truck and the big rig.

Officials identified the driver of the red Chevrolet Silverado pickup, who was injured in the collision, as 31-year-old Maria Melendez.

Passengers in the red pickup, were identified as 9-year-old Jaime Bustamante, 13-year-old Brianne Bustamante and 3-year-old Maria Melendez. One of those passengers was also injured in the accident.

A white pickup truck, which was engulfed in flames, occupied two girls and a woman. A bystander helped the three occupants escape the fiery truck.

Police believe the white pickup truck may have pulled onto the highway in front of the red truck, causing the vehicles to collide. The tractor trailer truck rear-ended one of the pickup trucks in a separate 18 wheeler truck accident.

In some situations where truck accidents occur, separate, subsequent truck accidents may occur when other drivers and vehicles are following too closely or failing to maintain a safe speed.

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