Truck carrying Takata airbags explodes, killing 1

Japanese manufacturer Takata is in the hot seat once again.

One week after an 18-wheeler crash and explosion in Quemado, Texas, the airbag maker has confirmed that the truck was in fact carrying inflators and a volatile chemical, which is believed to have caused the massive explosion.

The blast killed a woman, and injured four others.

The truck, which was operated by a subcontractor, caught fire after it swerved off the road about 140 miles southwest of San Antonio. The semi crashed, then exploded. The massive explosion leveled an entire house, which stood on the side of the road where the accident occurred.

Local media have identified the victim as 69-year-old Lucila Robles. The sheriff’s office deployed a search party for Robles, thinking she may have been carried into a nearby forest by the force of the explosion. The search lasted for two days, until they discovered bones, teeth and other remains in the debris of her house.

The two drivers of the truck were able to escape serious injury when they fled their vehicle after it swerved off the road and crashed. Two passers-by in a Toyota SUV were also injured by the blast. All four people were transported to San Antonio where they received medical treatment.

It was just a few months ago that Takata made headlines when tens of millions of its airbags were recalled for a defect that could send shrapnel flying into cars when deployed.

The truck was en route from a Takata warehouse in Eagle Pass, Texas to an airbag inflator factory in Monclava, Mexico.

The explosion sent debris flying as far away as 2 miles from the crash site.

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