Truck Debris Accident Kills Bryan, Texas Woman on Hwy 21

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 6-Aug-2012

A piece of metal debris from an 18 wheeler truck smashed through the windshield of a vehicle behind it on Sunday, killing a Bryan, Texas woman who was a passenger in the car.

Police identified the woman as 33-year-old Tracy Louise White. Her husband, 35-year-old Charles Robert White, was driving the passenger car when their windshield was struck by an angle iron that came off of the big rig traveling in front of the couple’s vehicle.

The piece of iron hit Tracy White in the head and she died as a result of the injuries she endured.

According to police, the driver of the 18 wheeler truck did not stop and officials are still trying to locate that driver and the truck involved in the truck debris accident.

The accident took place on Texas Hwy 21, near Wixon Valley.

Truck drivers have a responsibility to inspect their vehicles, maintaining a properly loaded truck as well as taking care of the various pieces and parts that could potentially pose danger to surrounding drivers. In addition, truck companies have a responsibility to properly hire and train drivers in maintenance and proper loading of the vehicle.

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