Truck Driver Killed in Fiery Crash on Hwy 36 Near Temple

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Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 10-Jul-2013

A truck driver was killed in an explosive 18 wheeler accident on Hwy 36, when the big rig he was driving ignited after slamming into concrete wall and overturning on Tuesday, authorities reported.

The truck driver killed was identified as 69-year-old Pampa, Texas resident, Tracy Lee Meeks.

The Bell County truck accident did not involve any other vehicles, although hazmat crews were called to the scene to clear the molasses, which had spilled from the commercial truck.

Police believe the sun glared in Meeks’ eyes, preventing him from seeing the road adequately and causing him to lose control of the semi-truck.

Officials are still investigating the scene of the accident but could not determine whether Meek was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash.

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The way commercial vehicles operate and how they are maintained can have a profound effect on the safety and well being of truck drivers and those occupying nearby passenger vehicles. As a result, the way truck owners and maintenance companies care for such a potentially dangerous piece of equipment is imperative to protecting drivers and passengers alike from serious injuries and death sparks by preventable semi accidents.

The fuel system in both commercial vehicles and passenger cars, trucks and SUV’s, is a vital component that is important to the operation but can also pose a serious threat when defective.

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