Truck Hauling Trailor Rear-ends Car in Cleveland, One Injured

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 1-Feb-2012

A three-vehicle accident, involving a truck hauling a landscape trailer sent one woman to the hospital in Cleveland, Texas, Tuesday, police said.

The driver of the 1994 Chevy pickup was identified as Cleveland resident, Leonardo Leon, 25. According to Leon, the car in front of him stopped quickly and he was unable to bring his own vehicle to a stop in time. The pickup truck rear-ended the Saturn Vue.

After striking the Saturn, the pickup’s trailer swung around, smashing into a Ford Explorer, driven by Janice Price.

Although Price escaped the three-vehicle accident in south Texas without injury, the woman driving the Saturn, who has not been identified by officials, was transported by ambulance to a hospital in Houston.

Police are tying the trailer’s shifting load to the accident, noting it may have moved when Leon slammed on his brakes in an effort to stop the vehicle. Police are still investigating the accident and no updates regarding the status of the injured woman have yet been released.

18 wheelers and large trucks require proper loading to maintain balance necessary for operating at optimum levels. An inadequately loaded truck can pose serious threat to truck drivers, drivers of passenger vehicles and other vehicle occupants surrounding.

Ensuring a load is properly placed and balanced within a truck is, in part, the responsibility of the truck driver. As travels ensue, truck drivers may need to readjust the load in a truck, the make sure it continues to be balanced and safely secured.

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