Two High School Students Injured in Pedestrian Accident

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 25-Oct-2011

Two high school students were injured Tuesday morning when they were struck by an SUV while they walked to school.

Both girls have only been identified as 17-years-old seniors at South San Antonio High School and no names have yet been released.

Officials on the scene say the woman driving the vehicle that hit the girls, said the sun was in her eyes, preventing her from seeing them. In addition, police note that the woman may have also been speeding through the school zone where the pair walked.

Both of the teens were transported to Southwest General hospital in San Antonio with injuries that authorities say were not life threatening. One girl is in serious condition while the other was most recently listed in good condition.

On average, a pedestrian is injured in traffic, every 8 minutes, research shows. But while the risk of injury among pedestrians involved in traffic accidents is apparent, the changing season, darker mornings and prevalence of school zones make special care even more important for the safety of pedestrians.

Higher speeds can be fatal for pedestrians hit by vehicles, making the adherence of posted speeds by drivers traveling through school zones imperative to keeping children and teens traveling to and from school safe.

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