Two Killed in Texas Rollover Car Accident on Hwy 59

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 19-Aug-2013

A rollover car accident in East Texas claimed the lives of two woman, one of whom was pregnant at the time of the single vehicle wreck on Hwy 59 in Cass County.

The two passengers who were killed in the car crash were identified as 23-year-old Kayla Quinonez and 13-year-old Sawyer Hill. Quinonez was reportedly pregnant at the time of the accident.

Two other occupants in the vehicle survived the wreck and were transported to area hospitals. The driver of the SUV was identified as 39-year-old Nova Hill.

According to police the driver lost control of the vehicle and overcorrected in an attempt to regain that control. As a result, the SUV rolled several times. Kelli Quinonez, 15 and Mark Hill, 44, were also injured in the Texas rollover crash.

Police do not believe Sawyer Hill or Kayla Quinonez were wearing seatbelts.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and loved ones of those affected by this tragic car accident.

Rollover accidents can be provoked by a number of factors. While overcorrection is a very common reason an SUV or pickup truck may overturn, there are several peives of auto equipment that may actually safeguard drivers and passengers alike from serious head, neck and brain injuries.

The glass comprising the windshield and other windows in a vehicle are not only for appearance and ease of sight. Instead, the glass used within a car can actually protect occupants from ejection. Although tempered glass was previously used in older models of vehicles, newer standards require qindhsields to be made up of laminated glass, which prevents the windshield from shattering and leaving occupants vulnerable to ejected. Defective or inadequate glass comprising the windows in a vehicle can leave occupants open to life-altering injuries, should seatbelts fail.

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