Two Killed in Vehicle Electrical Fire Accident in Atascosa County

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 21-Nov-2012

An accident outside San Antonio killed two people and left a third person injury after two vehicles collided and one erupted in flames on FM 476 in Atascosa County, officials said.

Although the victims in the auto accident near San Antonio have not yet been identified by officials, police said both victims were occupants in a Honda passenger car. The other vehicle involved in the collision was identified as a Pontiac. The driver of that vehicle was transported to University Hospital for the treatment of injuries endured in the crash.

According to reports, the Pontiac swerved into the opposite lane of traffic, smashing into the Honda. The Honda caught fire, trapping its occupants and making it difficult for authorities to identify the bodies of those victims.

Vehicle Electrical Fire Attorneys in San Antonio, Tx

Vehicles are designed to protect occupants during a collision or even during a single vehicle accident. But while the safety equipment within a vehicle is meant to protect again impact, ejection and fires, defective equipment can actually cause injuries in and of themselves.

Electrical malfunctions are one source that can provoke a fire if an auto accident occurs.

Most vehicle electrical malfunctions in a car occur near the dashboard region. In contrast some vehicles may have a defective gas tank, which leaves the vehicle vulnerable to igniting should a rear-end collision occur. The location, design and material used within a vehicle can all greatly impact the safety of those riding and driving in the vehicle, protecting them against deadly fires resulting from an accident or leaving them at risk of serious burns or death caused by a vehicle electrical fire.

If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one or family member as a result of a vehicle electrical fire or defective fuel tank, call our vehicle fire attorneys in San Antonio and across the state of Texas at 254-633-2983, contact our San Antonio auto accident law firm online or visit one of the 10 office locations for our personal injury law firm for a free initial case evaluation today. We care. We can help.


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