Two Killed, Multiple Injuries Tied to El Paso Wrong-Way Accident

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 12-Dec-2011

Two people were killed in a multiple-vehicle accident on Interstate 10 West in El Paso on Sunday, police said.

Although the names of fatalities have not yet been released, witnesses identified one of them as the driver of a dark colored GMC Sierra pickup truck.

Officials said the truck’s driver was traveling the wrong way on the interstate, causing the crash and baffling investigators.

In addition to the pickup truck, at least four other vehicles were also involved in the accident, provoking crews to arrive on the scene for extrication.

Although the cause of the specific wrong-way collision the occurred in El Paso Sunday is unknown, wrong-way accidents are sometimes sparked by drunk driving. In fact, more than 60 percent of wrong-way accidents can be tied to drinking and driving, with many of those collisions taking place during early morning hours, especially around the time bars usually close.

Turning onto one-way streets, traveling in the wrong direction, getting on freeways using an exit ramp and veering into opposite lanes can all be deadly mistakes that jeopardize the safety of other travelers sharing the roads.

Clear signage, that is visible during early morning darkness, is vital for helping confused or impaired drivers who could potentially wreak havoc on interstates and highways. Drivers who spot a wrong-way driver on the roads should pull to the side of the road to avoid such travelers and report the instance to authorities in an effect to prevent dangers associated.


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