Two Workers Injured in Houston Construction Accident

Two construction workers were injured while working on a bridge connecting Atascocita and Huffman in Houston, officials said.

According to witnesses and authorities, the two workers were shoved off the space they were working by a construction vehicle on the scene. They fell approximately 20 feet, emergency personnel reported.

Both construction workers were rescued by the Houston Fire Department Rescue Team, who were lowered into the rocky embankment where the workers had fallen.

The men were not yet identified by officials.

Despite some of the inherent risks associated with construction sites, proper training, maintenance of equipment, safety procedures and site management are all vital components to keeping workers and people nearby safe from harm. Defective structures, bad construction equipment, malfunctioning tools and evening collapsing spaces in the process of improvement or construction are just some of the problems that can potentially result in serious injuries or death should a construction injury occur.

In addition to seeking compensation for injuries endured by construction workers, our construction worker lawyers seek to hold companies and leaders responsible for accident that cause injury and death, in hopes that future danger and injuries may be prevented.

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