U.S. Marine With Highest Award of Valor Sues Private Military Contractor

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 1-Dec-2011

The U.S. Marine given the highest award of valor from President Barak Obama, after saving 36 lives during an Afghanistan ambush, is suing a military contractor for defamation.

According to Dakota Meyer, 23, former employer BAE Systems OASYS Inc. allegedly sabotaged a job opportunity by telling a proposed employer that Meyer was a not a quality employee.

An article in MySanantonio reported that a BAE Systems manager told the prospective employer that Meyer was not mentally stable and was not completing his job duties. In addition, the private military contractor told said that Meyer had a drinking problem, Meyer said.

That recently filed suit highlights Meyer’s disapproval of some of the military contractor’s business practices, including possible sales of weapons to Pakistan, a claim which BAE has transferred blame on the State Department for.

Following his marked disapproval of the military contractor’s sale of weapons to Pakistan, Meyer claims he was taunted and mistreated regarding his prior award. The former marine sited specific names in his suit against private military contractor, BAE.

The recent lawsuit is one of many filed against private military contractors in Texas as many have been scrutinized for poor business practices and inadequate business practices. In addition, some civilian contractors involved in U.S. wars in the middle east have been highlighted as provokers of numerous accidents, including electrocution and those caused by poor work completion and procedures leading up to the injuries and deaths endured.


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