VA Appointment Wait Times Affected Central Texas Veterans, Reports Say

In a community where military members and veterans, children and spouses make up the very fiber of neighborhoods, the scandal surrounding the VA medical facilities has erupted much closer to home, affecting veterans in Temple, Texas, Military Lawyers at The Carlson Law Firm recognize.

The quality of care for our veterans has been a longstanding topic among advocates, military members, veterans and government officials, alike, sparking debate about whether veterans have been receiving adequate care, as veteran affairs leaders and doctors pocket bonuses.

But the topic of bonuses continues to present itself as a whistle blower reported in Austin, Texas, revealed that bonuses, may have played a major role in the wait times and attempted cover up, as reported by CNN News.

“Many of our employees, attorneys and their families are military members or veterans,” points out Craig Carlson. “These claims against the VA, veteran treatment and the extensive periods of time they waited for appointments really hits close to home in our community and at our firm.”

According to MySanAntonio News, procedures scheduled at Olin E Teague Veterans Medical Center in Temple, Texas, appeared to have been completed on different dates than they were actually performed.

The allegations stem from nationwide questions regarding alterations of medical records and documents, which made it appear as though procedures were completed on different timelines than they were actually performed.

Officials are conducting extensive investigations regarding the number of veterans affected by “doctored” dates and treatment, in an effort to understand how many endured delayed medical attention that resulted in significant injuries and death.

In Phoenix, Arizona clinics, CNN reported that the timeliness of care had a direct correlation to the bonuses received by high level Veteran’s Affairs leaders. Incentives related to the wait times have since been suspended as investigations continue into August, CNN reported.

“One of the factors tied to standards of care is the timeliness,” said Craig Carlson. “When a patient requires specific care, the timeliness of the care they receive can be an important factor in their health and wellness. Some medical situations require immediate attention. Failing to provide that timeliness while making it appear as though procedures and tests have, in fact, been offered in a timely manner is completely unacceptable.”

The reach of those affected by delayed treatment and medical attention is still emerging as investigators delve deeper into the occurrences.

Even as more information about the severity and number of people affected is revealed, seeking help is an important part of holding leaders accountable for injuries and loss tied to poor care and negligent timeliness of care that failed to meet the standards.

Veterans and their loved ones who may have been affected by long appointment wait times at the VA can contact the veteran medical malpractice lawyers at The Carlson Law Firm for a free consultation regarding their rights. We care. We can help.


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