Veteran Killed in Waco Pedestrian Accident on Park Lane Drive

A pedestrian accident in Waco left a Veteran dead over the weekend after he was struck by an SUV driven by a teenager, police revealed.

Officials identified the victims of the auto accident as 60-year-old Randy Sommerfelt. According to reports published by KWTX News, Sommerfelt was visually impaired.

Authorities said Sommerfelt was struck while walking his bicycle on Park Lane Drive. He was transported to a local hospital for the treatment of injuries resulting from the accident. He later passed away from those injuries after arriving at the hospital.

The sport utility vehicle involved in the crash was identified as a Chevrolet Tahoe. The driver was revealed to be 18-year-old Monica Jaurez-Salazar.

According to officials Jaurez-Salazar may have swerved into the bicycle lane where Sommerfelt was walking with his bike.

Police are still investigating the scene of the Waco pedestrian accident at Park Lake and North 22nd Street.

Waco Auto Accident Lawyers

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In addition to investigating an accident and gathering the reports and information surrounding a crash or injuries, having experience dealing with the various parties, insurance representatives and companies that may be involved in a collision or may have played a role in an accident is important when looking for compensation for damages.

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