Volkswagen emissions scandal

After becoming the largest automaker in the world, Volkswagen has become part of a scandal possibly costing the company billions of dollars.

In September, it was revealed that 11 million diesel-powered vehicles were designed to defeat emissions testing. This made the cars seem much cleaner and safer for the environment than they really are.

The German automaker has admitted to cheating the emission tests in the U.S. They also admitted that around 11 million cars worldwide and eight million in Europe are also equipped with the cheating devices.

The devices seem to be highly advanced. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said the software was able to tell a test was being ran by the car by remembering common test scenarios, such as the monitoring speed, engine operation, air pressure and even the position of the steering wheel. When the software sensed this scenario, the engine goes into a sort of safety mode to perform at a lower performance, giving off fewer emissions.

This device has allowed the company to get away with producing cars that emit nitrogen oxide pollutants up to 40 times above the legal limit in the U.S.

Volkswagen’s American Boss, Michael Horn resigned because of the scandal after saying, “We totally screwed up.” He said the company had broken the trust of their customers and the public. Horn has been replaced by form Porsche boss, Matthias Mueller.

“My most urgent task is to win back trust for the Volkswagen Group by leaving no stone unturned,” said Mueller about his new position.

Along with the attempt to regain trust with customers, the company will be dealing with enormous financial burdens of fines, car repairs and legal issues.

Legal action is being taken by Volkswagen drivers for the scandal. If you or someone you know bought a brand new Volkswagen or Audi TDI Clean Diesel vehicle from a dealership and still own your vehicle, contact The Carlson Law Firm for a free consultation to be represented for your case.


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