Volleyball Players Injured in School Bus Accident on Hwy 183

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 16-Oct-2012

A school bus accident on Hwy 183 in Gonzales County injured several volleyball players from St. Joseph’s High School in Victoria on Saturday morning, officials reported.

According to police, 28 students were aboard at the time of the accident involving the volleyball team. Coaches and other staff were also on board. As a result of the bus crash, 17 students endured injuries, with one of those victims experiencing serious injuries. Officials said that student was transported to the hospital and was listed in serious condition.

The bus was, reportedly, on its way to a match in Austin, where the Freshman, Junior Varsity and Varsity teams were set to participate.

Authorities said the accident occurred when the driver of the bus lost control of the vehicle and then overcorrected, causing the bus to swerve into the path of an 18 wheeler truck. The bus driver continued to attempt to regain control of the school bus as it crashed into a nearby ditch and overturned multiple times. The bus came to a rest on its side.

Twenty-seven total people, both coaches, staff and students, were transported to area hospitals for the treatment of their injuries.

Although officials are still investigating the bus accident, faculty with the high school have said they do not know what caused the school bus crash on Hwy 183.

Because of the number of people who are often involved in school bus or other bus accidents, such a crash can be serious, affecting numerous victims as well as their family and friends. While the use of seatbelts in busses is often disputed, some advocates note that seatbelts might help prevent ejection and injuries caused as victims are tossed about during a bus accident, especially one where the vehicle actually overturns.

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Our teams of dedicated investigators immediately begin gathering some of the details tied to such an accident, uncovering what may have caused the rollover or the loss of control. We care. We can help.


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