Waco Boy Dies From Injuries Tied to Fiery 18 Wheeler Accident on Hwy 84

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 23-Jan-2014

A collision between an 18 wheeler truck and an SUV sent a family to the hospital, where one of the boys in the sport utility vehicle later died from the injuries he sustained in the Hwy 84 wreck, police said Wednesday.

The boy who died as a result of the fiery crash was identified as 10-year-old Damien Salinas, a resident of Waco.

According to authorities, the boy was traveling in the SUV with two brothers, Angel and Brandon, and their stepfather. The stepfather, who was driving at the time of the 18 wheeler accident, was identified as David Velasco. Although the other brothers have since been released from area hospitals, Velasco remains hospitalized for injuries he endured in the crash.

The semi-truck accident occurred on Hwy 84 near Bellmead.

Police reported that the SUV rear-ended the 18 wheeler truck. Witnesses nearby the scene of the accident quickly freed the four occupants in the SUV before it erupted in flames.

Auto Fire Injury Attorneys in Texas

Although officials have not identified the types of injuries that may have led to the boy’s death, in some instances of accidents, the initial collision may not actually be what causes the most serious injuries or death of an occupant. Instead, in some situations, a vehicle may catch fire as a result of defects or electrical problems, causing a vehicle fire or failing to prevent injury to those within the vehicle.

Simple fixes, auto recalls or greater attention during the design and manufacturing process can help prevent subsequent fires that can be fatal to drivers and passengers who’ve already experienced a collision.

At The Carlson Law Firm, we stay informed and up to date about vehicle recalls, defects and problems that may affect our clients and their families. We have the ability to immediately begin researching vehicle flaws and defects that may have resulted in accidents or the failure of the vehicle to protect occupants from injury and death. For a free consultation regarding a possible vehicle defect, call our vehicle fire injury attorneys in Texas 24/7. We care. We can help.


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