Waco Truck Accident on I-35 Sends One to Hospital

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 20-Sep-2013

An 18 wheeler accident in Waco left emergency crews scrambling to free an occupant in a passenger vehicle involved in the crash, officials reported.

Two semi-trucks were involved in the crash, which left the passenger vehicle mangled and sent the occupant to a local hospital with injuries resulting. The jaws-of-life were used to free that occupant from his vehicle, emergency officials said.

According to reports, the driver of the first semi-truck slowed, followed by the slowing passenger vehicle. The 18 wheeler truck behind them was not able to stop in time, smashing into the rear of the smaller car, which slammed into the tractor trailer in front of it.

Neither drivers of either big rig was injured in the Waco truck accident. Police believe slick roads may have contributed to the serious accident.

The identities of those involved in the I-35 collision weren’t yet revealed by police.

During rainy or acclimate weather situations, taking special care to allow enough time to react and adequately stop can be the difference between escaping an accident, a fender bender and a serious collision. Additionally, poor weather conditions make vehicle equipment maintenance even more important. Tires, brakes and other equipment that are not properly maintained can result in serious accidents that may have been prevented with adequately operating pieces and parts.

Some of the equipment that can be extremely important for drivers maneuvering through poor, wet and icy weather conditions include:

Tires: Though adequate traction is vital in any situation, rainy and slippery conditions make properly maintained tires and traction even more important to drivers and those surrounding. Tire blowouts can be devastating, provoking rollovers and collisions.

Windshield wipers: Wipers are a vital piece of equipment which make it much easier for drivers to see, even through Texas downpours and hard rain.

Airbags: When airbags fail to deploy or deploy at the wrong time during an accident, the results can be horrific for those dealing with the injuries or loss of a loved one.

Brakes: According to the NHTSA, brake issues and failure are tied to a high number of truck accidents. Worn brakes, improper loading and inadequately maintained brakes can make it impossible for truck drivers to stop safely. Add wet conditions to the equation and the results can be deadly.


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