Warren Man Killed in Beaumont Head-On Collision

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 29-Dec-2011

A Beaumont car crash left one man dead and two other people injured when the driver of one of the vehicles lost control of her car, smashing, head-on, into another vehicle after crossing the median on Eastex Freeway.

Warren resident, 36-year-old Johnny Langton, was driving his 2001 Ford truck home from his place of employment in Beaumont, when his truck was struck by a Jeep. Langton was killed in the tragic collision.

According to authorities, the woman driving the Jeep and her male passenger endured minor injuries as a result of the Texas collision.

As many as five vehicles were damaged in the accident, including some trucks transporting tools and equipment.

Police are unsure what caused the woman to lose control of her car, resulting in the death of Langton.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Johnny Langston.

Although sometimes auto defects are to blame for vehicle malfunctions and faults, causing them to crash or fail, negligent driver, inattention because of electronic devices and even intoxication can be to blame for preventable accidents that sometimes result in fatalities and serious injuries.

While police have not yet identified what caused the woman to lose control of her SUV, causing it to smash into Langton’s truck, distractions on the road and within a vehicle continue to gain criticism as the NHTSA released new information, encouraging bans across the nation of handheld electronic devices and cell phones that plagues our roads with distractions while slowing reaction times necessary for safe driving.

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