Water Ski Athlete and Texas A&M Graduate Injured in SUV Rollover

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 24-May-2013

A single vehicle accident involving three recent Texas A&M graduates left one of them in critical condition with a serious brain injury last Friday when the SUV they were riding in lost control and rolled, officials said.

Police identified the young woman who was injured in the rollover accident as 23-year-old Amanda Hoffman, of Salado, who was traveling with two water ski teammates to a tournament at the time of the crash.

The two other A&M graduates who were in the Toyota 4Runner at the time of the SUV rollover were identified as 21-year-old Scott McCormick and 22-year-old Will Stevenson. McCormick was identified as the driver of the vehicle.

Hoffman remains in a coma in a Jackson Miss. hospital as a result of the auto accident.

Authorities said Hoffman was lying down in the back seat of the vehicle and may not have been properly restrained when the crash occurred. She experienced serious head injuries as a result.

SUV Rollover Accident Attorneys

Though SUV’s have a particular propensity of overturning, standards require automakers to adhere to standards regarding the kind of glass used in windows and windshields as well as how much weight the roof of the vehicle can withstand. Despite the standards and information available to automakers regarding safety equipment and ways to protect occupants from serious injury, not all vehicles can withstand the impact of a rollover accident, putting occupants at risk.

In some situations the occupants of a vehicle who were injured and the family of those who’ve been killed in a rollover accident may not even realize the vehicle they were in put them at risk or failed to protect them from injury. Defective auto glass may leave some occupants at risk of ejection or partial ejection from the SUV or pickup truck. A defective roof may leave drivers and passenger vulnerable to the crushing blows of roof crush resulting from the impact of a rollover.

With improving technology, auto manufacturers and designers have an abundance of information and data available to protect drivers and passengers alike, during single vehicle accident situations. If you believe you’ve been injured as a result of a vehicle defect or an auto manufacturing flaw, call our auto product liability lawyers in Austin, San Antonio, Killeen and across Texas for a free initial case evaluation today. We care. We can help.


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