What’s in My Bag: Nicholas Pritchett

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 17-Oct-2012

As an active member in our community and an accomplished personal injury attorney in Central Texas, Partner Nicholas Pritchett is always on the run. Despite his busy schedule, we sat down with him long enough to take a glimpse into his bag and see what motivates him, keeps him focused and powers him through the busiest weeks.

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1. I get the same coffee every day: an iced, Venti, non-fat, no-whip, two-pump mocha, two-pump white mocha.

2. I carry this religious medal of Father Junipero Serra, who was the founder of the Missions in California. I grew up in California and went to Catholic School. This medal is a reminder of both.

3. Wallet.

4. Sunglasses.

5. Business cards. I take them everywhere.

6. These vintage cufflinks are from a thrift shop in Los Angeles.

7. Vibram FiveFinger shoes. Our firm sponsors a lot of 5K’s, 10k’s and other runs around the state and I spend many weekends participating in various races across Texas. Even though I train in different shoes, these are often my go-to shoes for races.

8. Weight lifting gloves. My health and wellness is really important to me. I was recently named one of Texas’ Fittest Lawyers. Working out is definitely a stress reliever.

9. I collect these pens. My parents got me my first one from San Francisco. I’ve loved them ever since and I look for them every where I travel.

10. Cell Phone.

11. My gym pass. I spend many evenings getting focused and working out stress at my local gym.

12. My Salado Leadership name badge. My community is really important to me. In fact, some weekends you’ll find me volunteering at the Salado Visitors Center. I love meeting new people at the Center on busy Saturdays.

13. This is one of my favorite on-the-go snacks: a local energy bar made by Thunderbird, a company out of Austin. I love to buy local whenever I can.

14. My medal from warrior dash. I compete in this Austin event every year. It’s one of my favorite events.

15. My notebook. Because I stay so busy, I always make sure I’m taking notes and writing down important details.

16. Lip Trip: This is my all-time favorite chapstick. It’s all I’ll use.

17. SIGG water bottle: they last forever. I’ve had this one for 6 years.

18. Communication with our clients is something we pride ourselves in. With my iPad in hand I have quick access to my email and can easily stay connected to other attorneys, legal assistants and clients who need me.


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