Woman Accused of Caregiver Neglect After Client Seriously Scalded

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 22-Dec-2011

Police in Bellvue, Nebraska were quick to highlight the contact us online of a woman who left a disabled client in a shower stall alone, where he was scaled by hot water.

Officials said 67-year-old Sarah Thomas, left her client, Donzell Harden, in a shower stall alone, where the scald guard mechanism failed. Despite the failure of the shower’s protective equipment, authorities arrested Thomas for suspicion of third-degree assault tied to the scalding incident.

According to hospital representatives, Harden had to endure skin grafts after enduring third degree burns on his lower body caused by scalding water in the shower.

Caregiver neglect and contact us online take place often occur against those with requirements of care that are somewhat demanding, such as elderly or disabled. Caregiver neglect can be intentional or even unintentional, encompassing poor living conditions or health care, such as malnutrition or dehydration. In addition, improper disbursement of necessary medications that lead to illness, injury or death is sometimes considered neglect by a caregiver.

Whether a neglectful caregiver lacks the know-how, training, motivation or knowledge to fulfill the tasks necessary for caring for elderly or disabled individuals, caregivers can be held responsible for neglectful injury of the person they are caring for if care is not provided in a timely, adequate manner.

If you or someone you love has experienced injury or death caused by caregiver neglect or nursing home neglect, call our caregiver neglect attorneys in Austin, San Antonio, Killeen and statewide Texas at 888-335-7492, contact us online or visit one of the 11 office locations for our caregiver neglect lawyers in Texas for a free consultation today. Our experienced lawyers, professional medical consultants, private investigators and caring staff will help you reveal answers to some of the questions surrounding the negligent care of a loved one while seeking just compensation for injuries and loss. We care. We can help.


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