Woman Critically Injured in SUV Rollover Accident in San Antonio

A rollover accident in San Antonio left a driver in critical condition when her small SUV overturned, ejecting her from the vehicle, according to police.

Officials said the accident occurred on Hwy 151 on Sunday morning.

The woman, who has not yet been identified, was the only occupant in the SUV, police noted.

Although her identity has not yet been revealed, police said the woman is a 23-year-old Hispanic woman.

Officials are not clear about what may have caused the vehicle to overturn.

Sport utility vehicles, especially older models, have a much higher risk of rolling because of their higher center of gravity and, sometimes, boxy design. But besides the risk of overturning, there are certain pieces of equipment that can be life-saving, should a rollover accident occur.

Properly functioning airbags, seatbelts and even the strength of a vehicle’s roof can be the difference between ejection and neck injuries and stepping away from such a crash with minor injuries.

Despite the importance of a vehicle’s roof and adequate safety equipment, some standards are not met with gusto from auto manufacturers. Instead, some vehicle makers adhere to minimum standard despite clear information and data about safety equipment and its role in protecting consumers.

Recalled equipment can also be a serious problem, that continues to plague the auto industry and put consumers, drivers and passengers at serious risk of injury and death.

Rollover Car Accident Lawyers in San Antonio

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