Woman Dies in Ford Explorer Rollover Accident in Dallas

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 15-Feb-2012

A Ford Explorer rollover accident left one woman dead in Southwest Dallas, after she crashed her SUV, causing it to overturn and eject her from the vehicle.

Although police have not identified the woman, they noted that she was in her 30’s.

According to officials, the woman may have been speeding when her SUV was tripped up on a nearby curb, causing it to rollover several times before coming to a rest. As the Ford Explorer was rolling, the woman was ejected from the vehicle.

Police did not disclose whether or not she was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident.

Ford Explorers have been a hot topic among rollover accidents because of their particular risk of overturning. The design of older Ford Explorers has been linked to an increased propensity of flipping in addition to the, already, high risks associated with SUV’s that have such a high center of gravity.

While many may relate the downfalls of the Ford Explorer back to the Firestone tire recall, tires are not the only problem that has plagued the Ford SUV’s. Retired Chief of Research for the NHTSA, James Fell, noted the problems of Ford Explorers in relation to rollover accidents, saying “there may be a factor with the Ford Explorer beyond the tire issue. It’s a first indicator that they may have a stability problem.

But if some many vehicle related entities, drivers and those involved in rollover accident have displayed the problems associated with the SUV’s, as a risk for overturning, why has a resolution for injury and death and overall deficiency of safety tied to the vehicles, not emerged.

A Florida crash study conducted between 1997 and 1999 highlighted that the Explorer is more than 13 percent more likely to overturn than other small SUV’s in its class. Defective auto equipment or bad safety devices, including faulty brakes or tires within the vehicle, increase this risk of rollover.

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