Woman killed in crash was loving, devoted mother

The identity of a woman killed in a car accident west of Castroville has been revealed.

According to her loved ones, Fame Reyes, 34, was a devoted mother of two young children, and a dedicated employee at Toyota for more than 10 years.

The fatal crash happened about seven miles west of Castroville on Highway 90 in Medina County.

Department of Public Safety officials who were on scene said the Reyes’ car slammed into a guardrail, and she was killed on impact.

The mother was driving to San Antonio in a rental vehicle when the crash occurred, which is why it was more difficult for authorities to identify the victim.

A spokesperson for the Texas Department of Transportation was quoted saying, “We are still working with the Department of Public Safety to determine the facts surrounding this crash, including the performance of the guardrail.”

This accident is similar to one that took place two years ago, when a female driver was paralyzed after the guardrail she struck went through her vehicle.

The guardrail company lost a federal lawsuit after the front of the block that was supposed to stop vehicles once struck, broke off on impact.

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