Woman Killed in Nacogdoches Rollover Accident Six Others Injured

A rollover accident in Nacogdoches, Texas claimed the life of a local woman and left six other occupants in the GMC Yukon injured on Sunday evening, police said.

Officials identified the woman as 34-year-old Allison Denise Barnhill, who was pronounced dead at the scene of the Nacogdoches rollover accident on FM 1087.

In addition, police identified one of the occupants injured in the crash as 7-year-old Triston Channell, who was transported to Shreveport Hospital with serious internal injuries resulting from the rollover.

Four other occupants in the Yukon were transported to Nacogdoches Hospital in good condition, including; Lucas Barnhill, 31, Easton Barnhill, 2, Trenton Channell, 9, Amber Smith, 13, and Hunter Smith, 16.

Officials believe Allison Barnhill, who was the driver of the Yukon, lost control of the SUV and overcorrected. All of the occupants in the vehicle were wearing seatbelts at the time of the rollover crash.

It can be easy for loved ones trying to make sense of a rollover accident, to wonder what could have been done differently, searching for answers to an accident that caused harm or resulted in the death of a family member. But while there are some factors that may help safeguard against serious injury and death, such as seatbelt use. But despite the most earnest efforts, in some instances, auto equipment can fail, provoking accident or even by not providing occupants with adequate protection.

SUV’s in particular, have been plagued by the risk of rollover, especially older models, because of the higher center of gravity and boxy design.


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