Woman Killed in Rollover Car Accident in San Antonio


Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 1-Jul-2013

A Ford SUV rollover accident in San Antonio claimed the life of a woman on Sunday afternoon when she lost control of her vehicle, swerving into the opposite lanes of traffic on FM 471 before the vehicle overturned several times, police reported.

The woman was identified as 62-year-old Gladine Sayers.

The accident occurred near Talley Road in Bexar County, police said.

Rollover Accident Attorneys in San Antonio

Sport utility rollover accidents are sometimes a common type of rollover because of the boxy design and higher vulnerability of overturning tied to a high center of gravity. Despite the risk of rollover associated with some types of SUV’s and pickup trucks in addition to higher standards regarding crashworthiness, some manufacturers cut corners during the design and product process, leaving occupants at risk.

The roof of an SUV is designed to withstand the crushing blows of a rollover as a vehicle impacts the ground of surface. But despite these standards, not all vehicles perform adequately, resulting in serious head and neck injuries that occupants might have otherwise been safeguarded from.

In addition to the strength of the roof when impacted during a SUV rollover, some vehicles may have defects that leave occupants open to ejection from the car. Inadequate glass can make it much easier for a driver or passenger to eject from the vehicle if shattered or broken. Glass used in vehicles should help keep occupants within the vehicles. The seatbelts used in a vehicle, material comprising them and latching mechanisms can play an important role in keeping drivers and passengers safe from serious injuries when a car overturns.

In some situations drivers, passengers and family members may not even realize that the vehicle carrying them or a loved one may have left them vulnerable to serious, life-altering injuries or wrongful death.

If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one because of defective auto equipment, our team of San Antonio personal injury attorneys may be able to help. Don’t wait. Call today for a free initial consultation or stop by any of our statewide offices. We care. We can help.


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