Woman Killed in Tire Blowout Accident on I-10

A rollover accident on I-10 that left one person dead has shined a light on tire blowout accidents, adding to a long list of recent rollovers caused by a failed tire.

Police identified the woman who was killed in the rollover accident that resulted from a tire blowout as 59-year-old Bertha Meija, who was ejected from the vehicle. Her husband, 69-yar-old Pedro Meija was the driver of the Ford Expedition.

According to reports Mr. Meija was traveling westbound on I-10, when the rear tire of the Ford Expedition blew out, causing him to lose control of the vehicle.

Mrs. Meija was transported to the hospital for the treatment of her injuries but died a short time after arriving.

Although authorities are still investigating the accident, they have ruled out speed and alcohol as contributing factors to the rollover accident on I-10.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Mr. and Mrs. Meijas.

Tire blowouts have been filling the news, prompting wonder about what some of the factors involved in a tire blowout and general rollover accidents.

In some cases, tires may be sold as new, having never been used, but might actually be comprised of older rubber. Even a tire that appears to be new, could actually be years old, creating a serious risk for consumers who buy and use them.

Consumers can check the age of their tires by looking at the digits imprinted on them (usually displayed on the inner facing side). The first two digits in the sequence display the week the tire was made. The last two digits displayed represent the year. For example, the four digit number 0308, would be imprinted on a tire that was manufactured the third week of the year (January) in the year 2008.

Some auto safety advocates recommend that consumers steer clear of tires 6 years or older and replace their own tires before that mark as well to make sure aged rubber does not pose a serious blowout risk.

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