Woman Struck by Capital Metro Bus in Austin

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 6-Feb-2012

An pedestrian-bus accident in Austin while crossing in a crosswalk last week, causing her to become pinned beneath the vehicle, officials said.

Police identified the victim of the bus accident as Amanda Dewey, 53.

The accident was captured on surveillance, displaying the bus accident and the details surrounding. According to the video, Dewey was struck as the bus was making a turn on Braker Lane, near Jollyville Road.

Although Dewey was walking within a crosswalk and witnesses told police she had recently gotten off another bus prior to being hit by the Capital Metro bus, police did not ticket the bus driver or the woman. Officials said Dewey had the right of way, as she crossed the street within the crosswalk.

According to recently released reports, Amanda Dewey passed away from injuries sustained in this tragic bus accident in Austin. She was previously listed in serious condition. Austin Police Depart’s vehicular homicide unit is looking investigating the Austin bus accident further, KVUE reported.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.

Bus drivers sometimes endure scrutiny regarding the necessary attention required to safely operate such a large vehicle, filled with people and among, often, highly populated roads and streets. But while bus drivers are responsible for driving in a safe manner that protects pedestrians and drivers nearby as well as passengers on a bus, the companies who hire, train and maintain buses also carry a lot of responsibility.

The owners of bus and truck companies alike must ensure that the drivers, operating buses, are looking out for the safety of their customers as well as pedestrians using streets and crosswalks nearby. Proper training is vital to offering drivers the tools to react properly to a variety of factors that can potentially spark serious accidents, including adverse weather conditions and severe traffic.

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