Woodlands, Texas Woman Killed in Florida Car Accident

A woman from Texas was killed in a Louisiana car accident on Interstate 12 on Friday when her small sedan was struck by a Dodge pickup truck, prompting police to arrest that driver for negligent homicide among other charges, officials revealed.

Police identified the young woman as 19-year-old Kristen Stoltman, a resident of Woodlands, Texas. Stoltman was pronounced dead at the scene of the car accident on Interstate 12. Passenger, Jesse Stoltman, a resident of Magnolia, Texas was injured in the collision and was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment, police said.

The driver of the pickup truck that struck the Mazda car was identified as Kevin Greenwood, a resident of Ormond Beach, Florida, police said. Greenwood was taken into police custody for negligent homicide and negligent injuring, authorities said.


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