Worker Killed in East Texas Tree Cutting Accident

An East Texas man was killed while cutting trees with a tree cutting crew in Angelina County last week, police reported.

The man who was killed in the fatal workplace accident was identified as Lucio Vasquez, a resident of Groveton, Texas.

According to reports, Vasquez was part of a crew that was using chain saws and other heavy equipment to cut trees on private property near Pollok, Texas. A large portion of tree fell on Vasquez while he was working, leaving him with fatal injuries.

Several other workers were on the scene at the time of the tree cutting accident Northeast of Houston. No other workers were injured. The victim was pronounced dead on the scene of the accident.

Workplace accidents can involve complicated details that make it difficult for injured workers and their families to understand what may have occurred and whether victims have a potential case.

Types of Workplace Injuries

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