Workers Injured in OIl Rig Explosions in Reeves County

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 26-Jul-2013

An oil rig explosion near Coyanosa left multiple workers with serious injuries while they were working on a unit near the explosion site in Reeves County near FM 1450.

One of the men injured in the oil explosion in Reeves County was transported to a hospital in Odessa via helicopter.

The accident occurred on Wednesday morning, police revealed.

A second explosion site did not result in any injuries, officials reported.

The identities and status of those injured in the oil rig explosion accident have not yet been revealed.

Officials believe the operator of the rig was hurt the worst and has experienced several surgeries as a result of those injuries. Others who were hurt in the workplace accident had injuries that included minor injuries, cuts and bruises caused by the oil explosion.

While an oil boom across Texas has resulted in more employment opportunities and growth among small towns and cities where oil is prevalent, the resulting accidents involving oil trucks and oil rigs and workers s troubling. Roads that were not designed or planned with oil rig traffic in mind have been bombarded by an increase in trucks, rigs and employees traveling to and from job sites and headquarters.

As a result, regions where oil traffic has increased the most have endured a sharp rise in oil rig truck accidents caused by more traffic, sleepy and drowsy drivers and inattention.

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