Yaz Maker, Bayer, Settles More Than 6,760 Defective Drug Claims

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 14-Oct-2013

By early September, Yaz maker, Bayer, had already spent more than $1.4 billion settling lawsuits against the drug giant for blood clots, stroke, heart attacks and other injuries tied to the popular birth control pill. But despite the influx of Yaz lawsuits and coinciding settlements, the oral contraceptive continues to be made available to women across the nation. Understanding what makes Yaz any different than the multitude of birth control options available to women, highlights the reason why many victims have suffered strokes, serious blood clots and other side effects that received little warning regarding.

Yaz Makers Settle 6,760 Defective Drug Claims

With more than 6,760 lawsuits settled, consumers continue to wonder why the dangerous birth control is still available to women and prescribed by doctors. Safety advocates have urged the Food and Drug Administration to recall dangerous Yaz birth control but as recently as the Fall of 2013, the contraceptive remains available.

FDA Changes Prescription Information Labels for Birth Control Containing Drospirenone

Containing the hormone drospirenone, Yaz became associated with an increase in the risk of blood clots, heart attack and stroke, even among healthy women with no other risk factors. As a result, the Food and Drug Administration prompted Bayer to change labeling on the birth control method, warning users about the risk of drospirenone blood clots. In contrast with other birth control methods available to women, the risk of blood clots associated with contraceptives containing the hormone dropspirenone are significantly higher.

In addition to calls by safety advocates, asking for recalls of Yaz and Yasmine, others have called the FDA to require Bayer to outfit the contraceptive drug with a black box warning, highlighting the increased risk of serious side effects.

More Than 5,400 Yaz Injury Claims Still Pending

Although thousands of settlements related to injuries tied to Yaz, Yasmine and generic versions of the drug have been settled, thousands more are still pending, awaiting settlement and exemplifying the astounding number of women affected by the birth control pill. But the number of women affected by blood clots, strokes and other side effects are not surprising. As one of the most popular forms of birth control, the drug emerged on the drug scene as a method for women to prevent unwanted pregnancies but also as a method of controlling and subduing uncomfortable Premenstrual Syndrome symptoms. In fact, Bayer was previously called on by the FDA to pull ads, which pushed aid for PMS symptoms, while downplaying some of the significant health risks.

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