Young girl attacked by dog while collecting for charity

With her mother watching carefully from the street, Mia McDonald knocked on the door of a home in Midland on April 9th, 2015. The 10-year-old was out collecting donations for “Jump Rope For Heart” for the American Heart Association when suddenly, and without warning, the door flew open and Mia was attacked by Logan, a Doberman.

Shelly, the girl’s mother, ran to her daughter and covered her body while a neighbor helped pull the dog off the girl. Logan had bit Mia’s face and leg. She was left with a large laceration on her face and two puncture wounds on her left leg.

When the police arrived, the owner admitted to knowing that the latch on his front door was broken.

Despite quality medical care at Midland Memorial Hospital, Mia was left with disfigurement and scarring that will require future surgeries to remedy.

With the help of The Carlson Law Firm’s Scott Crivelli, Mia’s family was awarded a $300,000 settlement to help cover the cost of her pain and suffering as well as the medical expenses she incurred and will incur in future, as a result of the attack.

“The settlement we were able to achieve for Mia is a life altering amount of money for a little girl who will now have sufficient money to go to the college of her choice and will pay for her to sustain herself for many years in the future,” said Crivelli. “This was a very sad case. Mia and her family have endured a lot, but cases like this make what we do worthwhile.”


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