What to do if you’ve received a Takata recall notice

Defective airbags made by Takata have been linked to 11 deaths and over 180 injuries in the United States alone. In 2013, the first of tens of millions of Takata airbags were recalled for their potential to inflate and send shrapnel into passengers. Since then, the Takata airbag recall has grown into the largest in American automotive history.

The recall is so widespread that many consumers have become confused and frustrated, and are left wondering if their car is affected, and what to do if so.

What You Need To Know

The Takata airbag recall involves the following makes:

To date, 42 million vehicles are being recalled to replace the defective and potentially deadly airbag inflators.

In order to obtain the most accurate information about the airbag recall, drivers are urged to do a VIN-search. Your VIN is a 17-character code that is unique only to your vehicle. You VIN can be found on the driver’s side of the dashboard, on your title, registration and insurance card.

You can do a VIN search on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Recall Lookup site.

Where You Can Take Your Recalled Vehicle

Once you’ve identified that your vehicle is in fact a recalled vehicle, call a local dealer and get it fixed for free. You aren’t required to take it to the dealership where you purchased the vehicle, nor does your vehicle still need to be under warranty. The work will always be performed free of charge.

The Dangers Of Used Cars

Older vehicles often have had multiple owners and sometimes transactions aren’t recorded. This results in recall notices not always getting to the right hands. There is no federal requirement that sellers of used cars fix safety recalls, let alone even disclose them to potential buyers. When purchasing a used car, it is even more prudent that you take all the necessary precautions before buying.

For a complete list is recalled makes and models, click here.

How The Carlson Law Firm Can Help

If you have been injured by a defective airbag, you should consult with an experienced product liability attorney as soon as possible. If you have been injured in a collision in which the airbag malfunctioned, you could bring a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer of the airbag.

At The Carlson Law Firm, we have extensive experience representing victims of airbag injury. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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