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11 Positive Affirmations for Youth Mental Health & Social Media Parenting Tips

For many families, promoting the mental health of our children and adolescents is a priority. With so many mixed messages bombarding our youth in their daily lives outside the home and on social media, we want to support you in being the voice that guides your children’s emotional development. Take a look at these 11 positive affirmations you can share daily with your children. The downloadable version is available here so you can print it and have it in your home to review every day.

Positive Affirmation 1: I embody great worth and deserve to receive love.

Constantly remind your children and teens that they have great value and are worthy of love. A healthy self-esteem encourages healthy social behaviors. Lay the foundation for your children to develop healthy relationships according to their age. Discourage negative interactions on social media and monitor your child’s online presence to avoid or address cyberbullying situations. If your young ones are active on social media, encourage them to be selective with the content they consume, and explain to them with love and patience how being selective can promote their self-love in a healthy way.

Positive Affirmation 2: I practice gratitude for all that I have and that is yet to come.

Numerous scientific studies support the link between practicing gratitude and mental and physical health. Although it is important to validate children’s feelings of sadness, anger, and frustration, their developing minds benefit when we reorient and teach them how to process feelings. Practicing gratitude during difficult times can mean that we appreciate the opportunity to learn from the experience. According to the United Nations, “Teaching girls and boys empathy, positivity and sharing is essential to foster gratitude.” Practicing gratitude can also lend itself to encouraging positive behaviors such as working toward goals and living in the present.

Positive Affirmation 3: I have a voice and I can use it. I communicate with respect.

Let’s teach our young people that their voice is important, too. They should know that their voice matters when they have an idea, a concern, or simply want to express themselves. Encouraging young people to express themselves respectfully fuels their self-esteem and supports effective communication with their peers and the adults in their lives. Remember that teens and young children are still learning their place in the world and what healthy social norms they should adopt based on their age and the different environments they visit. Correcting with love and redirecting their words will be a skill that will serve them for life. 

If your teens are online, or you’re considering giving them access to social media, talk to them about what type of content is appropriate for their posts. Teach them about the consequences of posting online.

Positive Affirmation 4: I control my emotions; my emotions don’t control me.

During their development, children and adolescents experience increasingly complex emotions that they are unlikely to fully understand or know how to manage. Parents and guardians can support the emotional development of their children by practicing patience and encouraging conversations that analyze emotions and discuss how to manage them. Because each child’s personality is different, some might benefit from learning relaxation techniques. Child Mind Institute elaborates on some options that you can give your children to help them understand and manage their feelings. Mental health professionals such as licensed counselors and psychologists can support the management of emotions and the development of positive behaviors.

Consider how social media can impact your children’s emotional health. The Surgeon General of the United States issued a Notice About Social Media and Youth Mental Health,  which describes the potential positive and negative effects of social media use. For some children and teenagers, online content can cause negative emotions. Therefore, it is important to educate young people about the risks, how to identify negative emotions, and the importance of asking for help when they feel sad or overwhelmed. Keep in mind that kids and teens are still developing their ability to identify risks and negative emotions—they will need your help and regular monitoring.

Positive Affirmation 5: I have the courage to do the right thing.

The distinction between what is right and what is wrong begins to develop around age 2. This learning continues as children grow and live more complex experiences, according to their age. However, the brain and personal values ​​remain vulnerable to influences and change until 23-25 ​​years of age. It is important to accompany children and adolescents in each stage, teaching them how to apply positive values ​​in different situations. Encourage them to stand firm in their identity and remind them that they have the courage to do what is correct, even when mom, dad, or their guardian are not present at school or on the Internet. This will equip them to make decisions in the future.

Positive Affirmation 6: It is enough to give my best effort.

Support the young people in your life in their individual identity. Encourage them to do their best and correct tendencies towards comparisons. Redirect their thoughts to adopt an attitude of positive inspiration instead of negative comparison. Reassuring young people to do their best will lay the foundation for a healthy work ethic.

Positive Affirmation 7: I am capable of growing each day.

Youths are exposed to an excess of ideas and information through social media. The design of the most popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram encourages addictive content consumption and comparisons. Remind them of their unique value and that with determination, they can improve every day. Emphasize that they do not need to look or be like anyone besides the best version of themselves. Consider limiting your teens’ social media access and having regular check-ins on their emotional state. This could help identify dangerous or erroneous thoughts they have adopted from the Internet and give you the opportunity to redirect them.

Positive Affirmation 8: My future is bright.

When talking about the future with your children, adopt an attitude of hopefulness by encouraging them to have an identity of success. Teach your children that success has multiple facets that include academic, emotional, relational, civic, and work. Guide your children to seek content that is positive and that brings them closer to their goals. If your children use social media, join them in exploring and sharing sources of positive, funny, interesting, and healthy content based on their interests.

Positive Affirmation 9: I am capable of many things.

Nurture your kids’ self-esteem. Encourage them to try new things. Create a safe environment where they feel free to fail and try again. Remind them that each person is different and that with effort, they can work towards their goals at their own pace.

Positive Affirmation 10: I continue to do my best because I believe in my path to success.

Point your children to their future and everything they can aspire to. Educate them about the importance of setting goals, according to their age. Teenagers can find inspiration by understanding that their goals have value and that success is within their reach. School counselors can help you identify resources and strategies that will move your children toward their goals. A positive attitude of enjoying growth opportunities on the path to success can help young people stay on course.

Positive Affirmation 11: I am building my future.

Every step your children take strengthens the person they will be tomorrow. We can support optimism and healthy efforts in our youth. Give them age-appropriate reminders of how their actions today can help or harm them in the future, This can help them develop their sense of self-responsibility.

Monitor what they consume on social media and the posts they make. Science shows that the content we consume shapes our mood and our beliefs about ourselves and the world we live in.

Educate your teens by letting them know the importance of the public image they present online. Let them know that many universities, colleges, and companies review social profiles. Negative or vulgar posts can limit teens’ options when it comes to attending college or looking for a job. Additionally, children could be exposed to predators or scams if they do not have proper supervision and guidance in managing their Internet use.

The Carlson Law Firm Supports Youth Mental Health

Access to the internet and social media is a relatively new phenomenon, and the full extent of its effects is still unknown. However, we already know that in young minds, social media is one of the biggest contributors to mental health problems. We want the children and young people in your life to be able to develop without the threat of emotional deterioration on social media. While we support you with knowledge and community presence, our fight continues in the courts to protect young minds. We care. We can help.

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