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Dental Malpractice

Dentists and oral surgeons are required to comply with the standard of care during dental consultations, routine examinations, and surgery. If the standard of care is ignored or overlooked, serious injury — and in extreme cases, death — can occur in the dentist’s chair. Like all medical professionals, dentists and other dental care providers have a high level of responsibility to treat their patients with compassion and care. If you were injured due to dental malpractice you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Hospital Malpractice

If a hospital’s services do not abide by the high standard of care, you may have grounds to take legal action against the hospital and its staff. The hospital is liable for the acts of its doctors, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, anesthesiologists, and other healthcare providers, as well as for the equipment they use in administering treatments. If you seek legal action, you must face the daunting challenge of taking on the hospital and insurance company, but you definitely should not do it alone.

Military Medical Malpractice

Members of the military and their families may not be aware that they can take action if they have been harmed by a doctor’s mistake or any other type of medical malpractice in a military hospital. Despite persistent myths, there is no government immunity that shields military doctors and hospitals for professional negligence that causes injury or death to a patient. Military medical professionals are held to the same standards of professional medical care as any other healthcare provider. If you’re suffering due to Military Medical Malpractice or VA Hospital Malpractice, contact our firm.

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Case Evaluation For Dental Malpractice

As skilled malpractice attorneys, we can evaluate your case and inform you of your rights and options. Dental malpractice can occur during routine checkups and during surgery. We regularly investigate claims arising from errors such as:


Extracting a tooth may be a minor procedure compared to the kinds of surgery that other healthcare providers perform, but if an error occurs at any stage, the consequences could be devastating. Dentists are just as prone as other doctors to commit WSPEs, for example, and if they extract the wrong tooth, the patient will have to undergo another, even more invasive procedure to replace it with an implant.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease can lead to horrific results, including the loss of almost all or all of a person’s teeth. However, luckily, periodontal disease is very treatable if diagnosed early and there is strong dental intervention. This can help ensure that a patient’s mouth is protected from harm and guarded from this serious health condition. But when there are clear signs of periodontal disease and no diagnosis or treatment, the ramifications can be irreversible and downright devastating. This is dental malpractice.

Root Canals

The only thing worse than undergoing a root canal procedure is undergoing several root canal procedures to fix a botched procedure. Thus, if a root canal is done wrong, a competent dentist may have to go back into the tooth and fix what was initially done, drill deeper, or redo the filling (the post and core) of the root canal. Reshaping of the tooth may be necessary and a new crown may be required to be put on the tooth. For very serious instances of root canal mistakes, an infection of the gums or jaw bone could occur requiring removal of the bone or of the tooth.


Too often, we don’t consider the anesthesia used in a dentist office to be as risky as anesthesia used in an operating room. The fact is, drugs used to numb pain in a dentist office are the same used in hospitals. Complications in dental anesthesia have a close connection with extractions.


Like any medical procedure, dental treatments have a risk of infection. If your dentist fails to address the infection, you could suffer serious injury. This category is one of the most common cases in dental malpractice.


The wrong injection may affect other nerves as lingual, alveolar etc. This type of malpractice may be because the doctor hits the nerve and doesn’t withdraw the needle to re-inject properly.

Adverse Reactions to Drugs

Before injecting any drug, the doctor should be aware that it is not contraindicated for the patient. The wrong drugs may cause allergies and some more dangerous results.

Very few lawyers handle dentist malpractice cases. Don’t let another day pass without honest answers and dedicated legal representation you can count on. If your life or the life of someone you care about has been changed forever due to an anesthesia error, contact The Carlson Law Firm.

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Legal Action For Medical Malpractice

In times of need, patients turn to hospitals and surgical facilities for treatment. Unfortunately, the quality of care provided at one hospital can be substantially different from what is provided at another facility. If a hospital makes a mistake, it can result in serious injuries, or even death, for the patient.

Unfortunately, hospital malpractice causes thousands of injuries and deaths every year. Cases of medical negligence often involve complex issues regarding emergency room care, surgery, intensive care treatment, labor and delivery, and medication errors.

If you’ve been catastrophically injured, or someone you love was killed as a result of a medical professional’s mistake, our skilled, experienced medical malpractice lawyers can help. Contact The Carlson Law Firm today for a free case evaluation.

While negligence is the root cause of most forms of medical malpractice, it’s important to understand a couple of key points. First, not every unfortunate result in a hospital is a case of medical malpractice. This area of law is complicated, and it’s vital you speak with a lawyer immediately so you can get a sense of the validity of your claim.

Common hospital errors include:

Inaccurate record keeping, leading to patient mismanagement
Incorrect dosing of medications
Failing to monitor patients
Poor employee hygiene
Employee abuse of patients
Failing to properly disinfect rooms, instruments and diagnostic tools

Negligent Military Medical Malpractice

Our veterans are the cornerstone of our country and deserve the greatest respect and care that we have to offer. Unfortunately, reports of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals with long wait times and lack of competent health care professionals, who sometimes create more medical problems for the veterans they serve, remains a persistent problem in several military communities.

VA hospital malpractice can include:

Anesthesia Errors
Delay in Diagnosis
Undiagnosed Condition That Resulted in Death or Loss in Quality of Life
Delay in Treatment
Emergency Room Errors
Negligence During Surgery
Planned C-Section Early Delivery Because of Due Date Miscalculation
Prescription Negligence in Psychiatric Patients

If you or a loved one has experienced a loss of quality of life or loss of life through the negligence of a VA hospital, contact an experienced personal injury attorney today to get answers to your questions.

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