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Legal Help for Whistleblowers

Qui Tam Lawsuits are a powerful tool where the government recovers funds lost to fraud. Anyone who is aware of a company cheating the federal government can file a whistleblower lawsuit and earn a substantial financial reward. Corporations or individuals who are defrauding the government can be held accountable under the United States False Claims Act (FCA). If you believe you have information pertinent to defrauding the government, a Whistleblower Lawsuit Attorney can help.

What is a Qui Tam Lawsuit?

Qui tam lawsuits are a type of whistleblower lawsuit brought under the False Claims Act. These types of lawsuits are intended to protect the government from fraudulent activities. In a qui tam lawsuit, a private individual, also called a whistleblower, assists in the prosecution of a business or entity committing past or present fraud against the federal government. The law essentially allows a whistleblower to bring a lawsuit against the fraudster on the government’s behalf. A qui tam lawsuit rewards whistleblowers in successful cases where the government recovers funds lost to fraud.

The name ‘qui tam’ is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase “qui tam pro domino rege quam pro se ipso in hac parte sequitur.” This translates to “he who sues in the matter for the king as well as for himself.”

What do I Need to do to File a Qui Tam Lawsuit?

Because Qui Tam lawsuits are complex, a whistleblower should first begin by seeking out the help of a whistleblower attorney. Because the government incurred the injury, the right to file suit ultimately belongs to it. As a matter of policy under the False Claims Act, individuals filing a qui tam lawsuit should be represented by an attorney. Once an attorney is retained, they will build a complaint that describes the fraudulent violations and how they violate the law. Once this is done, the lawyer will file the lawsuit in the federal district.

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Acts That Give Rise to Qui Tam Lawsuits Include Knowingly Doing Any of the Following:

Presenting false or fraudulent claims for payment to the government
Submitting a false record to the federal government in order to have a claim paid
Taking part of a conspiracy to ask the government to pay false claims
Submitting false information by state or record to the government in order to avoid an obligation to transmit funds or property to it

Examples of Whistleblower Lawsuits

There are many requirements for a successful qui tam case. In fact, there are several types of violations that whistleblowers may report. Still, the basic premise of a case lies in the fact the government is being defrauded in some way.

Typical reasons federal qui tam cases are filed include the following:

  • Defense contractor fraud
  • Non-compliance with specifications of government contracts
  • Violations of manufacturing specifications
  • Securities fraud
  • Bribery
  • Medicare fraud
  • Low quality or defective goods
  • Unauthorized purchase of government property
  • Overcharging
  • Double billing
  • Deliberate delays of labor

This list is not exhaustive. If you believe that you have a valid qui tam claim, contact a Whistleblower attorney from The Carlson Law Firm right away for a free confidential appointment.

What Should I Do if I Think I Have a Whistleblower Case?

First things first, if you believe you have a whistleblower case, tell no one. For an individual, whistleblowing can carry significant consequences that you may not be in a position to handle. If you decide to move forward with whistleblowing, do so quickly. Your next step should be to contact a qualified Whistleblowing Attorney. An attorney will be able to provide you with more insight into how your case will go, as well as offer guidance on laws that protect you from retaliation.

Experienced Legal Representation For Your Qui Tam Lawsuit

The laws provide several protections and incentives for whistleblowers. This is to ensure that a whistleblower feels comfortable and safe reporting under the False Claims Act without fear of retaliation or other repercussions. An experienced Whistleblower Lawsuit Attorney can both protect your rights and help you recover your portion of a whistleblower settlement.

While it may seem scary to take up a charge on behalf of the federal government, you have the right to remain anonymous. If your case is successful, you will receive a financial reward equivalent to 10-30% of sanctions collected.

Contact a Qui Tam Lawyer

A Qui Tam or Whistleblower Lawyer from The Carlson Law Firm will provide you with confidential legal guidance during a free consultation. Call us today 800-359-5690 for a free case evaluation.

A Carlson Law Firm Whistleblower Lawyer Can Help

If you are aware of a business or person defrauding the government, contact a Whistleblower Lawyer from our firm today. The Carlson Law Firm’s attorneys are skilled defenders of justice. As a Veteran owned and operated law firm, we take it seriously when government fraud occurs. These acts not only hurt the wallets of our taxpayers but often cause physical harm to the men and women who wear a uniform in this country.

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