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Wrongful Deportation

Wrongful Detention and Removal

Civil Justice Attorney

Citizens who have been wrongfully jailed in immigration detention centers can’t reclaim the time they spent behind bars. However, they can seek restitution from the U.S. government. In addition, they may be able to sue the federal government for any personal injuries sustained as part of their wrongful detention or deportation. The Carlson Law Firm has a team of Civil Justice attorneys dedicated to helping victims who have had their rights violated.

Protecting civil rights is essential to maintaining the democratic values of the United States. Our firm has a commitment to representing and protecting the rights of those who are facing unjust removal actions by the federal government. While the law is complex, one thing is clear: any violation of civil rights is unacceptable. Wrongful detention and deportation is a violation of your civil rights. By this act alone, you may be entitled to filing a lawsuit against the government.

Still, in spite of these differences, immigration court functions as a regular court. Because there will be an attorney representing the government at your proceeding, it is important to have an experienced civil rights attorney to represent you.

Did you or a loved one have your civil rights violated?

Assertions that you are a U.S. citizen that go unheard or ignored throughout the immigration court process is a violation of your civil rights. In many cases, those who do not retain an attorney to represent them in front of an immigration judge may feel pressured to sign deportation documents and face deportation despite their status. Unlike criminal courts, U.S. citizens in immigration courts do not have the right to counsel and must retain a private attorney. Otherwise, citizens may spend several months to years in an immigration detention facility as their case languishes in the court. During this time in an immigration detention center, you may face:

  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Mental abuse
  • Job loss
  • Damage to your reputation
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other damages

There are documented cases of citizens providing evidence that establishes citizenship. However, despite this evidence, ICE lawyers rebuff it and require more proof. This can leave detainees feeling defeated. But our Civil Justice attorneys can help you begin rebuilding your life. We can help you file a lawsuit against those who violated your rights.

The Carlson Law Firm has a highly skilled and diverse legal team. We have the resources and knowledge to represent you and protect your rights. We offer excellent representation for a wrongful deportation civil rights violations and injuries.

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