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family law Texas Family Lawyer for CPS Investigations

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Any allegation of child abuse or neglect — no matter how unsubstantiated — can result in an investigation by Child Protective Services (CPS). In fact, it is the legal duty of anyone who suspects abuse or neglect to report their suspicions to CPS. It is then the responsibility of CPS to investigate those claims and take whatever actions it deems necessary to protect the children.

If CPS agents are not certain that your children are immediately safe or believe there is a likelihood your children could be abused or neglected at any time in the foreseeable future — whether at the hands of parents or another party — CPS can remove children from the home.

Although not every CPS investigation ends up in a court case, in our experience, it is vitally important for parents to consult an aggressive, skilled and knowledgeable attorney the moment they discover they are under investigation by CPS.

Standing Up for Parents and Children in Central Texas

At The Carlson Law Firm, you will find a team of Texas Family Lawyer for CPS Investigations with substantial experience in protecting parental rights — and the rights of children — against unwarranted intrusion by the state.

We understand that CPS can play an important role in protecting children who are at risk. We also know that once an investigation is launched, parents and children need legal protection to ensure that a mistake or misunderstanding does not result in devastating consequences for the family.

As a multidisciplinary law firm, we are particularly well-suited to represent clients who may face criminal charges in addition to loss of custody.

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