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Does a grandparent have rights when it comes to child custody and visitation? As in most matters of family law, there are no cookie cutter answers. Your legal standing with regard to your grandchildren will depend on a variety of factors. You are doing the right thing by looking for an experienced child custody attorney to answer your questions and help you pursue your goals of visitation or custody of a grandchild or grandchildren. Contact The Carlson Law Firm to schedule a consultation regarding your grandparenting aspirations or complications.

You may have come to this Texas family law website in search of answers to this question because of a special family situation involving your role as a grandparent:

  • Your son or daughter may be divorced or separated from the other parent, who has primary custody.
  • The “other parent” may be blocking your attempts to spend quality time with your grandson or granddaughter.
  • You may believe that your child and/or the other parent lack competency to provide a safe, quality environment for your grandchild, and you wish to step up to the plate.
  • You may want to petition to be named a conservator of your grandchild, or even explore the option of adopting your grandchild.
  • Your son or daughter may be in Afghanistan or in prison, and you want to claim the visitation time with your grandchild that your child cannot fulfill because of the absence.
  • Your son or daughter may be deceased, and you want to continue to have access to your grandchild.

Discuss Your Concerns With a Texas Grandparents’ Rights Attorney

Texas family law courts often give grandparents special status when making decisions about custody, visitation and conservatorship of a minor. Statutes and legal precedents set by previous family court decisions will help determine the right path to pursue as you seek access to your grandchildren. The specific route to the quality time that you seek with your grandchild or grandchildren will vary depending on the unique facts of your family’s circumstances. Discuss your case with one of our attorneys at your convenience.

Call a Texas grandparents’ adoption attorney today!

From offices in Killeen and Temple, the talented attorneys at The Carlson Law Firm deliver the quality legal counsel and representation that our clients seek. Our attorneys can discuss with you the types of visitation, possession and access you may be entitled to regarding your grandchild. Contact us for a free consultation. No appointment is necessary during regular business hours. Se habla español.

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