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If you are considering bankruptcy as an option to your debt problem, it is helpful to discuss your situation with a skilled bankruptcy attorney to better understand your legal options. At The Carlson Law Firm, we understand situations concerning debt and know how to help those in financial situations discharge their debt. Prior to filing, you should carefully consider the circumstance. One of our bankruptcy attorneys from The Carlson Law Firm could prove to be a valuable tool when dealing with this situation. Our team understands these circumstances and has assisted previous clients with achieving financial freedom. With offices throughout Central Texas in cities like Temple, Killeen and Waco, we are able to reach more people and help them find a favorable resolution to their debt. Below is a list of aspects of bankruptcy that we can help you clearly understand:

Chapter 7

There are two types of bankruptcy that you could choose. The first is Chapter 7. This type of bankruptcy purposes in giving debt relief to those who need it. It helps you wipe away all of your unsecured debt with the peace that creditors can no longer attempt to contact you.

Chapter 13
Chapter 13 can be used for stopping foreclosure, repossession, wage garnishment and debt consolidation. It is for those who have more debt than can be repaid each month and are therefore at risk of losing personal possessions and property.

Foreclosure Defense
If your home is scheduled to be foreclosed, defense from a bankruptcy lawyer is essential. There are various ways to avoid foreclosure from being executed. If you wish to keep your home but are experiencing serious financial trouble, a lawyer can help defend your situation.

The Bankruptcy Process
There is a process to bankruptcy that should be closely followed. A bankruptcy lawyer should help you go through the process of a credit counseling course, gathering information, creating a plan and all other steps to filing.

Guiding You Through Bankruptcy

At The Carlson Law Firm, our job is to make sure that you are protected and led through bankruptcy from the beginning to the end. Bankruptcy is a complex situation and it often demands attention from one of our attorneys. It is not often a circumstance you will want to experience on your own. Our firm is available to assess your situation and create a plan that works for all involved. Contact a bankruptcy lawyer at our firm to ensure that bankruptcy is effectively executed. We have offices in Killeen, Temple, Waco, and all throughout Texas.

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