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Every patient needs to be properly monitored after any type of surgery. Without postoperative care, you could risk infection or other complications that could lead to serious injuries.

If the lack of postoperative care that caused your catastrophic injuries were the result of negligence or misconduct, you may be eligible for compensation for your injuries. At The Carlson Law Firm, we help injured patients seek compensation for their postoperative injuries.

There are many different types of post-op fallacies that could land a patient in more pain and worry that they may have initially been in before the surgery. One of the most common errors in after surgery care is lack of proper treatment to incisions and healing wounds. Whether it is stitched up, sewn together, stapled closed, or simply folded over until further operation, it is undeniably important that these vulnerable operation sites on a patient’s body are kept completely clean and sterile. The risk of an infection in a hospital is already very high due to the fact that there are hundreds of different pathogens and contaminants all hosted within the same building. This risk is then multiplied significantly when an open wound is not attended to properly and a patient is left on their hospital bed to await the correct aftercare treatment.

There are a variety of injuries that can occur after an operation or surgery, including:

Postoperative infections: Internal infections and infections from open wounds can quickly spread. If not treated quickly or correctly, an infection can cause serious illness such as pneumonia, staph infection, septicemia or decubitus ulcers, and it can lead to death.

Internal and postoperative bleeding: If a patient’s blood does not clot, bleeding can quickly lead to complications.

Medication errors and anesthesia errors: A vulnerable post-operative patient needs careful monitoring to ensure that anesthesia was properly administered and that he or she receives the proper medication.

Holding Hospitals Accountable For Postoperative Errors

Many patients are unsure what caused their postoperative complication. At Miller & Wagner, we use independent medical experts to evaluate our clients’ medical records and identify any postoperative care errors.

  • Did the hospital properly monitor your vital signs?
  • Were postoperative care instructions followed?
  • Did doctors and nurses check for internal bleeding or infection?
  • Were medications properly administered?
  • Were steps taken to prevent blood clots?
  • Did the hospital timely and properly respond to postoperative problems?

How The Carlson Law Firm Can Help

There is a high burden of proof for all medical malpractice cases, but claims involving surgery are among the most difficult to prove in court. From the immediate recovery and post-op evaluation to long-term impacts of a post-op error, our firm will help you hold health care providers accountable for their negligence.

If you, or a loved one, suffered because of the negligence of a medical profession, we can help.

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